The Meadow

A few months ago, surprisingly and somewhat suddenly, my husband and I decided to move (another story altogether!). Lot’s of conversations were had on the topic. I remember telling my Dad, who lives to the north on a lake (“God’s country” as he calls it :), and my brother, who loves his riverfront home, that I really just wanted to find what they had – a place that gave me the “ahh, this is home!” feeling; a place that fed my soul. When I’ve thought about it through the years I’ve pictured that place as a meadow. I know I even once  told my daughter that a meadow would be my ideal although I certainly could never imagine how I would ever come to own one.

So, to spring ahead… the Hubs and I did buy a home, with 12 snow covered acres at the time we looked at it. The property was perfect for my hunter husband, who loved the field and woods and the proximity to even more acres of state land. I liked the house – open and light, with room for a sewing studio and space for the grandkids. I saw lots of possibilities…
And then today I saw what I somehow hadn’t seen before. Taking a break from interior painting I walked out to the back and there it was – my meadow! No longer snow covered but greening 🙂
A wink from above and a welcome home all rolled into one.


“Pine Meadow” – just to make it official 🙂