Spring In My Step

There’s nothing like a little encouragement to keep the creative juices flowing. I got that encouragement in a big way a few months ago when I found out that one of my challenge quilts was going to be included in a book titled “1000 Quilt Inspirations”. What a thrill!

Let me tell you though, that my happiness was tempered by an unfortunate experience from my MSU undergrad art student days. Back then I submitted a drawing to the year end student show that was to be hung in the Kresge Museum. There were no notifications of acceptance or rejection. Non-accepted works were simply stacked in an unused classroom and students sorted through them to find pieces not included in the show. Well, I didn’t find mine and in my naive, inexperienced young mind I took that to mean I was in! I invited a couple of people to the opening reception but (thankfully for my ego) none could attend. So I went by myself.

And my drawing was not in the show.

Yep, that was a little disappointing. I might have even shed a couple of tears on the bus I rode home to my married housing apartment. Now that I’m older (certainly) and wiser (arguably) I recognize that  in the scheme of life’s disappointments that was just a blip – a life lesson.

So, with that said, I wasn’t going to be doing the full happy dance over an email notification I received stating that I was a book “contributor” until I had the proof in my hands. And now I do!

Forgive me if I toot my horn a little and show off the book and my little part in it 🙂

This pink rose is from a memorial rosebush planted in honor of my sister, Karen.