Sparkle And Shine – The Reveal!

It was time! We gathered at the Soup Spoon, arrayed in varied sparkling attire, a group of five quilting friends (temporarily down by two), old and new, young and um, over 40…  sharing experiences, laughter, stories, tears, drinks – and quilts. Ahh, life!

Ahh, quilts 🙂

A nice start is Jean’s lovely winter scene. Her inspiration began with some sparkly blue “Frozen” fabric that a student’s mother brought to school. The quilt is wonderfully textural – beaded wire branches that stand out from the surface and soft furry binding you just want to pet.

Jean is enjoying trying new things with each challenge 🙂


Shimmery blue fabric, silver thread, sparkling jewels
…and lustrous beaded branches

Candy brought two quilts to the reveal. After completing the first one, she just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t her aesthetic… she might have even said, “It’s pretty – but is it art?!”

(an inside joke – of course it is 😉 )
Magpies are attracted to shiny things. Shimmery organza, glittering beads, reflective paper and gold flecked fabric.
Straight edge/serrated edge… it’s all in the details!

With the second quilt, Candy was back in her element. Surface design, unusual materials, a little grittier vibe.

Silver paint, stenciled through a remnant left after sequins were punched out of it.
Purple, gray and black metallic thread

Brenda gets props for coming to the reveal when an MSU basketball game (that went into double overtime!) was in full swing. Hours later she and her husband were on a plane headed to the Cotton Bowl for some green and white football action. When I asked what she might like to say about her quilt, she had just one word “BEDAZZLED!”

This Laurel Burch fabric and Brenda’s Bedazzler were a match made in heaven 🙂


A rainbow of crystals

Liz knew right away that she wanted to make a star for this challenge. A bible verse provided inspiration for the idea of reflecting back the brightness of each person who looks at her quilt. She  gathered fabric, glue and mirrors and got to work.

Love the hand quilting… and btw, it’s hard to take a photo of mirrors and not be in it 🙂


Getting into the spirit of the quilt!

My quilt – OY! All those tiny triangles. UFF DA! I still like the concept of the value gradation but, man oh man, there’s got to be an easier way! I feel better just moving on from this one.

You might notice that my edging looks like one of the materials in Candy’s Magpie quilt. It is 🙂


Iridescent button, metallic thread, glittered fabric

Alison also made two quilts for this challenge. I hope to feature both hers and Cath’s quilt in a future post. After all, it’s nice to show off the results of so much effort!

Moving forward, here’s to a New Year of challenges, both in quilting and life. May we all face each challenge that comes our way with resolve and grace… and the support of friends 🙂

Join us here again in two months as we reveal our interpretations of…
The Soup Spoon Challenge!