Soup Spoon Challenge – The Reveal!

It’s a beastly cold February here in snowy Michigan but our group of seven quilters remained undeterred by the frigid temperatures and gathered this week at The Soup Spoon restaurant for warm camaraderie, sizzling food, and (of course!) the latest quilt challenge reveal.

I should say that The Soup Spoon has become our designated reveal party location. In the beginning it was a convenient place for Brenda, Candy, Jill, and I to get together after a day of working at  the hospital. Now though, our group has grown and we hail from varied places – so what keeps us coming back?

Well, the location is still central, but we like supporting this locally owned business with its hipster vibe, eclectic staff, and delicious food (read: kobe burger). We raise glasses of beer, wine, margaritas, diet cokes, and the occasional dirty bastard, conversations flow, quilts get passed around the table, and at the end of the evening we all go home satisfied and inspired.

Really, it was a challenge theme just waiting to happen!

So… on to the quilts 🙂

All the fabrics in Candy’s quilt came from her scrap pile – a bonus when that happens!


Tiny spoons in the soup… and a pinch of sparkle 🙂


Yup, that’s all of us around the table at a previous reveal.


Cath, me and Brenda…this is a favorite of mine among my challenge quilts 🙂


In salute to our locally owned muse, Jean used the quote “Friends don’t let friends eat at chains” as her inspiration.


Everywhere you look – chains!


Cath incorporated the idea of a community based and supported enterprise…


…as well as the actual menu!


Alison’s mother happily provided the idea and sketch that developed into this quilt.


Spooning, lips kissing…that soup is hot 😉


Liz is making tongue-in-cheek reference to a painting of a pipe, “that is not a pipe”, by Rene Magritte.


Google it 🙂


Brenda has listed all the challenge themes she’s made quilts for…


…and there’s a surprise bowl & spoon mini quilt inside the “jungle” pocket.

That jungle fabric deserves an explanation. It was a special purchase Brenda made in Paducah KY, where we traveled to the AQS Quilt Show a few years back. It came on the heels of a very enjoyable lunch – VERY enjoyable 😉  (This is the kind of fabric choice that can happen after those kinds of lunches). Anyway, some of it got used to make a bag that Brenda brings all of her challenge quilts to the reveals in – so it was only right to use it here. Who knows where it might turn up again – maybe in the next challenge? That could be a stretch considering our next theme is:

The Simon and Garfunkel Challenge!
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