Signs & Symbols – The Reveal!

This Michigan summer has been wet and rainy but there’s no denying the drought that is upon my blog. Moving has taken a toll. I’ve been busy, yes, but honestly, this is one of those transitional times in life and I’ve felt a shift – the time has come to let this blog rest awhile.

Going forward, the quilt challenges will continue and as a group we’ll still be showing the results, just in a different place. A facebook page for our newly named ‘Winners, Sinners, and Dinners Quilt Challenge Group’ is up and running, ready for the next challenge and whatever other trouble interesting things we can come up with. A definite benefit will be that each quilter has personal input to the page and we’ll all be able to offer up photos, insights and tips into our process. I foresee some teasers along the way 🙂

Now, with that all said, this is still the Signs & Symbols reveal… so let’s get to it!

I’m not always the quickest when it comes to figuring out ‘hidden meaning’ kind of pictures but this one is pretty easy, right? S-I-G-N-S (in sign language) & Cymbals! I can hear the groans now 🙂


Brenda got pretty tricky, too – anyone recognize these symbols? Hmm, maybe if you’re a label reader who takes your laundering seriously…
Cheat sheet on the back 🙂


Candy has created a quilt based on the symbols of language – pictograms and alphabets. Her design incorporates Cunneiform (the 1st written word) in the center, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Hebrew, Asian Pictographs, and our Latin alphabet. The overall design is created by the 4 joining capital “A”s. (She’s  smart that way 🙂


Liz based her quilt on a plot line in the Harry Potter book series. She told us the story (very dark) but I haven’t read the books and don’t feel fully qualified to explain the symbols. Help me out, Liz! Those of you familiar with the story probably already get it 🙂
The theme for our next challenge is set – it’s GAME NIGHT. Find us on Facebook and like our page to see what fun we have in store!
Finally, thank you to everyone who’s been a follower or reader of my posts over the past 3 years – I appreciate your time and interest. Blessings to you all in the future. Peace out 🙂