Getting to Know You

Well, there’s no quilting getting done at my house lately. That’s because I temporarily have two houses and every spare minute is being spent preparing one to take the place of the other – remodeling, painting, carpeting, etc. I spent today working in what will be the new sewing studio. My Hubs tore down a partition wall and now it’s on to spackling, sanding and painting. Here’s a mid progress photo:

The room is smaller than my current studio but has better light!

Bodhi is my side kick and partner in crime at the new place. Work is regularly interrupted for romps through the field and woods, followed by leisurely yard strolling as we slowly get to know this new place we’re calling home. Every day brings new discoveries, large and small…

I think he’s smiling 🙂


After the last quilt challenge, I know Sage when I see it!
There’s a rustic playhouse nestled among the trees…


…and about a bazillion tadpoles in that water!


The meadow 🙂


We already love it here!