Cabin Fever

This winter, as I’m slogging through January and facing the prospect of a snowy, gray February still to come, a definite torpor has settled in. I tell myself that I’m a mammal after all – why shouldn’t every ounce of me be yearning to hibernate?

I guess that when the window between feeling fully awake and feeling ready to put my pajamas back on is a mere few hours, any excuse will do πŸ˜‰

But now the unexpected unfolding of an idea, the taking shape of a plan, steps taken in the direction of a move – a move! – have me feeling a spark of energy. It’s the best kind of cabin fever. Like the gardener poring over seed catalogs in winter and dreaming of spring, I’m studying real estate listings and imagining new places and spaces. I have the fever and it feels fine πŸ™‚