Working Through The Doldrums

I have to think that I’m no different than most – that is, tired of this winter. I’m a Michigan girl, born and raised who loves the four seasons (even winter!), but this one has been relentless. I’m oh so thankful to have an indoor hobby – aka obsession – that’s keeping me from going into 1) a deep depression, or 2) bat s**t crazy.

On days I don’t have to work at the hospital, I have the luxury of heading down into my basement studio;  a place where the space heater keeps me warm, the projects keep me happy, and the bluegrass CDs keep me singing along. (If you heard my singing you might think I am a little crazy 😉

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on lately…

The Princess!


Fusing fabric to create the design, still more to do with painting and stitching to follow
I have to say how much I love batik fabrics for this kind of work. The richness and dimension they add can’t be beat. And with the odd piece of silk thrown in here or there… ooh la la!
Candy has also been working it out. She decided to call a re-do on her ‘One Color Challenge’ quilt from a while back and here’s her updated offering:
Cotton, felt, pleather, beads, and wire
Fabric brought back from Africa by a friend was cut into “ribbons” and woven.


As always, the workmanship is meticulous and creative. The juxtaposition of the various materials gives this a very tactile quality… shiny, soft, crinkly, sharp!
At least we can say it’s March now and spring is coming. Until it arrives, I’m holding on to hope – and my sanity – one quilting day at a time 🙂
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