To Thine Own Self…

Taking classes at big quilt shows has been a mixed bag for me – mostly good experiences but not all. Along the way, one of my favorite insights has been these wise words from an instructor, “Sometimes all you get from a class is the knowledge that you never want to do that again!”

It’s pretty…but the process is not for me.

Which is exactly what I was saying to myself in Houston after spending a day learning to paint on fabric with dyes. Oy! It took me back to my college art class days where we were expected to paint with oils and clean up with turpentine – um, no thank you! I’m a soap and water, quick clean up kind of gal. (I got that art degree but we weren’t a good fit, the University and me).

So, now I know that I never want to paint fabric with dye… and I’ll add that to the list that includes never wanting to dye my own fabric, either.Knowledge is a wonderful thing 🙂