The Silk Road Challenge – Reveal!

Awhile back, Candy received a donated bag of men’s silk ties and that provided the initial catalyst for our most recent challenge, titled The Silk Road. None of those ties were actually used in our finished quilts but they did generate conversation, ideas, and inspiration… a diversion on the path 🙂

Our motley crew came together at the usual place and at the usual time, but with the happy addition of a new presence at the table. Cath Post, a beginning quilter but not inexperienced sewer, has bravely decided to take us on – and she’s bringing her friend, Jean, into the group for our next reveal as well. More about that later. Welcome ladies!

And now, let’s reveal 🙂

Brenda states she is the literal thinker of our group and feels she does best when she has an immediate idea after we select a new theme. She got that idea this time from an explanation Candy gave of what the ancient silk road was. (As you can see from the back of her quilt 🙂
A dishcloth bag – it’s all in the details!
Candy actually owns a book about China’s ancient silk road but couldn’t find inspiration there. Instead she based her design on “the most crooked road in the country”, in one of her favorite cities, Lombard Street in San Francisco. The patterned silk, embroidered with silk ribbon and embellished with beads, still gives a subtle nod to our original tie inspiration.
Follow the yellow brick road…
I tried something new by soaking silk fabric in Bubble Jet Set and then printing a photo of Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive on it. The effect was muted, not quite my taste, but I carried it through with a deconstructed binding effect and minimal beading.
A road… on silk 😉
The biggest purpose of these challenges has always been to have fun and give ourselves room to try new things. The true reveal, all these many quilts later, is how much growth occurs just by the doing of it.
With our next challenge we look forward to the infusion of Cath’s and Jean’s talents. More energy, more ideas, more laughter, more quilts!
Come back again in 2 months when we’ll reveal the results of The Card Party Challenge… hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades – and a joker 😉
p.s. linking to Nina Marie Sayre’s Off The Wall Friday!