The Domino Effect

Something shifted in my mental creative space this week and it was like flicking over that first domino in the line. I can’t explain exactly what triggered it.

It might have started when I made a decision to seek out the services of other professional quilters in order to finish languishing projects. Or maybe it happened after my latest challenge quilt was done and I decided to take the Cadillac (aka my Janome Horizon) in for routine maintenance. That meant pressing my #2 machine into service as a pinch hitter… and just like that, with spare time to spend on old projects and the old machine out to play, a quilt that had been on my design wall for ages came down and became a finished top.

Now it’s the next one out the door to be quilted 🙂

The design wall wasn’t empty for long – I covered it with blocks first started in 2007 and now those are sewed together too.


Along the way, the grandkids came over, who I only let sew on machine #2, and they were happy as clams to get a chance at sewing squares together to make their own “quilts”. As they sorted through scraps, commenting on fabrics from familiar projects, I was hit with inspiration to make a portrait quilt of Chase, similar to the one of his sister, Natalie. After all, I can’t immortalize one kid in fabric and not the other!

A few photographs later and we were choosing a color palette.

The boy likes purple 🙂
In the middle of all this, I decided the time was right to spray Tectron, a water repelling, UVL resisting treatment onto all of my small quilts. Just because.


On a roll, I pieced 2 quilt backs, stopped by the local quilt shop for batting, dropped off 4 quilts tops, picked up 2 quilted quilts, and wrote 3 blog posts… I think I’ll stop now 😉
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