That’s What Friends Are For

I’m usually first in line to laugh at myself and not too proud to tell the tales that generate the laughs. (Remember the County Fair fun house story, anyone?) So today when I bent a needle while sewing, I couldn’t help but remember an exchange Candy and I had recently.

We were browsing through fabric and notions in a vendor stall…

Me:   “I’m always on the lookout for a used needle holder. I’ve had the same one for years and it’s full. I

can’t find one like it anywhere. What do you do with your used needles?”

Candy: (after a pause and a “look”) ” Um, do you need a special holder? Couldn’t you just use a jar?!”

I looked at her and immediately realized how ridiculous it was that I had never thought of that! I burst out laughing and Candy laughed right along with me. You can be ridiculous with your besties that way, you know 🙂

So with my bent needle in hand, I thought ” I need a jar”. And you know what? Someone gave me a jar last Christmas that just fits the bill… and in fact, is big enough to hold my used needles for years to come.

Thanks for the laugh (and the gift), Candy 🙂