Taking My Own Advice

The frustration of investing hours of time into a project (twice in the past two weeks) before realizing that it just isn’t working, really got to me this week. While I love the time I spend in my sewing studio working on projects, working on them under pressure is something else. I’m a neurotic type so give me a deadline and my need to focus, organize, and produce something wonderful goes into overdrive. As a result, lately I have been in the studio on every day off, nearly every free hour. When things were going well – what a high! But then they weren’t and I felt the mounting pressure of lost time and opportunity.

A phone conversation with my daughter saved the day. I felt glum as I recounted the wasted time I’d spent in my basement sewing room, knowing that the entire day had been gloriously sunny and warm above ground. I was so determined to push through, to finish something, that I wouldn’t let myself walk away from the very source of my frustration. How many times had I counseled her to step back from a problem, to gain perspective by focusing instead on something enjoyable and positive? A few it seems, as she was able to hand my advice back to me. I needed it!

So today, on an unexpected day off from work, I headed outside to plant flowers and prune bushes. Ah, the joys of gardening! Fresh air, physical work, and a mental break 🙂

I think I’ll take a week or so before going back to my quilts. They’ll wait, and really, everything will work out just fine in the end… my daughter told me so.