Studio Re-Do


My Grace Quilter found a new home last week with a nice woman from Grayling and I found myself with some extra space… and dollars 🙂

Most of the money is earmarked for a trip to Houston’s International Quilt Festival this fall but I knew I wanted to spend a little of it now. My fabric needs reorganizing!

So, I ordered trial sized packages of fancy (read: pricey) acid free fabric organizers and headed out to Staples for a simple shelving unit or two. Surprise! I found a corner desk that was perfect for use as a sewing table and the room re-do was on.

No drastic changes really, just two new pre-fabricated furniture pieces and some rearranging, but what a difference. The room feels more open and I love having several work areas.

I hadn’t been putting much time in on The Princess lately… let’s just say I can procrastinate with the best of them. That is until yesterday! I’m on fire now since Candy and I have been contacted by The Grove Street Gallery about having a show in September/October – four short working months away! We’re flattered that the gallery is making a special arrangement to showcase our work earlier than our scheduled May 2016 show, but there was a lot of comfort in the buffer of so much work time between now and then.

I’m slow!

Needless to say, I’ve gotten right back to work on The Princess and started in on her companion, The Duchess. That’ll be it for blogging today. I have work to do!

Creating a freezer paper pattern… the Duchess waves hello 🙂
Or maybe the Duke?
I love my Princess!


Working on the lace – the last area to finish before quilting.

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