Quilted Quilts!

The words might seem redundant, but on that long road from quilt idea to quilt completion, a ‘quilted quilt’ means you’re nearly to the finish line. And that’s where I am… with the last of the quilts I sent out for quilting now home again, and only their bindings left to do 🙂

Overall, it was a good experience – the trying out of different quilters and their styles – and along the way reinforcing for myself a few lessons about working well with others. (We’re always learning, right?)

#1  Allow people who are good at what they do the space to do just that. Give a little input and a lot of room for individual ingenuity. Everyone will be happier 🙂

#2  Be appreciative of the efforts others make on your behalf. If results don’t match expectations, acknowledge their efforts graciously and move on. I didn’t love all the quilting equally, but I don’t doubt that each quilter did her best for me. Practice gratitude.

#3  Collaborative work between people with a common passion can inspire everyone involved. I work alone because it satisfies my introverted soul – but working with others allows me to encourage and be encouraged to new ways of thinking and doing. It’s all good.

Amy Johnson, at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures, did fabulous work on this Dresden quilt!
The back 🙂  All free motion work on her Janome home sewing machine. I love it!
A simple computerized edge to edge design worked nicely on this busy quilt.
Computerized custom long-arm quilting – beautiful and not overly elaborate 🙂
Computerized long-arm quilting by Debbie Bunch of Bunches of Quilting in Mason, MI