Playing Well Together

Last week, the day after our challenge group’s reveal party, I ended up with a last minute day off from work. A quick call to Candy (who was also at her leisure that day) and we were on our way to Grand Rapids for the AQS show 🙂

We enjoyed all the sights the show had to offer and even found some inspiration for potential future challenge themes. In fact, inspiration is the best thing I take away from these shows. To see the impressive work that others are doing sets my mind racing with ideas and a desire to get right back to the sewing studio.

I wanted to share these two quilts from the show, in particular. They’re quite different from each other but play so well together.

Ice Crystals by Kathi Everett


Shades by Pat La Pierre
I love the hexies appliqued onto the surface design of Kathi Everett’s piece and the color play is swoon-worthy. Pat LaPierre’s quilt features cutouts and layered shapes that emphasize the push/pull of negative and positive areas… and the color gradations!
Every show has it’s gems, different for each viewer. I hope you enjoyed these two I mined last week in Michigan!