My Houston Sampler

I’m fresh from a trip to the International Quilt Festival in Houston and wanting to share a few of my favorite quilts from the show – but first a few thoughts…

It really was international. Brenda, Candy, and I took a bus tour on our first full day there and every inhabited continent was represented on the bus. Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, England, Hungary… melodious accents and friendly people all!

The show, like Texas, is BIG. Approximately 60,000 quilters descended on downtown Houston and it’s convention center. We joined the throngs who were taking classes, appreciating beautiful quilts on display, and shopping through vendor stalls too numerous to count (we didn’t even make it through them all!).

Tuesday night, while I enjoyed the big award show, Brenda and Candy were off on a Mezcal drinking, grasshopper and larvae eating adventure. Can you believe that on their way back to the hotel, these two radicals were asked by a Houston police officer (assisting in an arrest at the time, no less), if they knew where he might be able to find a quilt? As my lovely, subversively minded friend Candy observed, “What? Do we have quilter tattooed on our foreheads?!” 😉

Ha ha! I think I’m the only one of our group who actually does have a tattoo – and (surprise) it’s a daisy 🙂  Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these photos of some of our fun and a sampling of my favorite quilts from the show.

The Red and White Quilt Exhibit was stunning.
So many beautiful quilts.


Home Sweet Home by Klara Schafler-Landesberg
Home Sweet Home (detail) by Klara Schafler-Landesberg
Prairie Gold by Marianne Williamson
Chasing Bubbles by Hiroko Miyama


Dutch Morning by Vicki Bohnhoff


Colorado 4×4 (detail) by Stephanie Ruyle


Bella Camellia by Sally Wright


Los Perros de Panama by Kathleen Kennedy-Dennis


Radius by Susan Carlson


Log Cabin Spiral (detail) by Mary Cannizzaro
Schwedagon Reflections (detail) by Elizabeth Bren
Gewitterhimmel (Thunderstorm) by Brigitte Morgenroth (detail)
Margaritas, Mohitos, and Tex-Mex food make a great day ending combo

Angel and devil 😉


Candy, Brenda, and Ellen