Making A Statement

For the first time, I’m in the position of having to write an artist’s statement.

Writing blog posts is much easier, let me tell you. But since this is also my 100th post, maybe it’s appropriate to reflect on just what I do and why I do it.

Deep stuff.

I had the hubs take a picture to mark the occasion 😉

Here are a few things that I gathered together to help illustrate where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

So without further ado let me unveil my…

I’m an artist whose imagination didn’t soar until I found fabric as my medium. With a cloth palette of color, texture, and pattern, I feel released from the constraints of artistic rules and my own perfectionism. There is freedom in collaging unexpected, sumptuous bits of cloth and mixed media together to form an image!
Small children have always been my primary source of inspiration, harkening back to earlier days when my own children served as models for my watercolor paintings. (Even my career as a nurse has been spent caring for infants in the intensive care unit.) Most recently, inspiration comes from my collection of vintage children’s photographs. I find a sense of both history and the future in each young face and I enjoy how their stories are revealed to me as the quilts are constructed. Sometimes I am quite surprised.
My preferred method of construction utilizes fusible techniques, with a layering and over-lapping of fabrics. I make a pattern but frequently veer off into an improvisational mode, finding stray scraps that add just the right color or shape. Embellishments of beads, charms, and hand stitching provide the finishing touches.
Working with textiles has set me on a path of discovery. I’m gratified that you’ve joined me for a few steps along the way.