Fall Colors

It’s autumn… the season of crisp morning air, warm sunny days, and brilliant outdoor color (and indoor color in the case of my new red hair 🙂 What possessed me? I’m not sure, but following on the heels of our new puppy, the Hubs might be wondering what next?! Ha! Variety is the spice of life – ginger, in this case 😉

A field trip out to the MSU Museum (go green!) to see the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ show, Earth Stories, has been on the docket since late spring. A SAQA show practically in our own backyard is an opportunity not to be missed. So today, after enjoying a delicious Mexican lunch where we didn’t discover until nearly finished that I had eaten Brenda’s order and she had eaten mine (blue corn tortillas were the give away!), we headed over to the show.

Quilts by L. Krawczyk, L. Levenson Weiner, K. York, B. Ankenbauer

Each of the artists in the show created a large quilt, small companion piece and provided a binder/booklet detailing their inspiration and process. We found the booklets to be a fascinating glimpse into the artists’ work methods.

All together it was a little jump start for the anticipation that Brenda, Candy and I are feeling as our trip to Houston gets closer!