Classic Literature Challenge – The Reveal!

I couldn’t wait to get to this reveal! Our group has been infused with new energy that brings even more fun to the reveal party. When we met this week at the usual spot our waitress took a group photo – not the best lighting but at least it’s nice to have a face to match with the name and quilt being shown.

Cath, Ellen, Brenda, Candace, Alison, Jean, and Liz
So here we go…
I’m going to jump right in with my own salute to Jane Austen. With this quilt I wanted to reference the ‘form’ of a book, with the sense of a cover and binding. I was pleased that this quilt, more than any of my other challenge efforts so far, came closest to the original vision I began with. It’s feminine, with a ‘period’ feel, and the quote speaks to me. My daughter asked if I felt the quote was describing me… she’s perceptive that way 🙂
“But from fifteen to seventeen she was in training for a heroine…” Aren’t we all?




Liz has now been fully baptized into the challenge culture – by starting and then having to scrap her first effort this time around. It happens to all of us! She rallied with an homage to Laura Ingalls Wilder and the ‘Little House On The Prairie’ books. A rustic, homey feel was achieved through her design and color choices. Well done 🙂




Alison gave consideration to ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘The Secret Garden’ before being inspired by her daughter to choose an Alfred Tennyson poem. The words of “Flower In The Cranny Wall” are embroidered on this wonderfully textural piece.

“It’s all about love” – Jean
Could this quilt be a tribute to anything but that beautiful children’s book, ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’? Jean, who works in an elementary school and has a heart for children, knew she wanted to reference the text in a heart shape. Her use of upholstery fabric perfectly suited the well-worn and loved character of the rabbit.


Candy’s quilt was inspired by ‘The Canterbury Tales’, in which the characters journey on Christian pilgrimages to Canterbury. Along the way they carry “pilgrim badges” – much like the quilt pins collected by today’s quilters as they journey to distant shows… Paducah, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Houston (!).
Walking the labyrinth was an alternative for those unable to travel.
‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’ is one of Cath’s favorite books. By using perspective and bringing brighter colors forward, she wanted to show that the heroine finds joy, even in the darkness of her life in the city. Each of the leaves is individually stitched 🙂
Brenda was a member of the J.R. Tolkien fan club while in college at Northern Michigan University, so she naturally felt the call of  ‘The Hobbit’. She says hobbits all live in round holes in the ground, in places that are pretty and special. Her hobbit hole is decorated with embroidered flowers.


A little angle to help fully appreciate the pebbled path 🙂
Another challenge complete! Lots of ideas are percolating for future challenges but for our December reveal we’ve chosen a theme appropriate to the season – The Sparkle and Shine Challenge 🙂  Hmm… I might have a few ideas but I know Brenda has a bedazzler! I’m already anticipating!
A few final words as Brenda, Candy, and I prepare to head to Houston for the International Quilt Festival (woo hoo!) – while on vacation I’ll be thinking of a special little boy in the NICU (and his Mom!). Positive thoughts for growing!