Chicago Quilt Show

Summer is the perfect time for a mother/daughter road trip to the International Quilt Festival Chicago. A quick packing of the essentials (5 pairs of shoes between us!) and we were off for a two day overnight adventure, where Kristen proved a worthy partner in crime as she took notes while I photographed our favorite quilts in the show.

No peach sangria on this trip, but we did have a terrific mexican food dinner followed by a hilarious 10 minute trek back to the hotel in pouring rain.
You can’t have this kind of fun with just anyone.

But I digress….

Back to the quilts and a little show and tell 🙂
A big trend I noticed this year were quilts from digitally altered photographs that were then thread sketched.
View From The Farmhouse by Suzan Engler
View From The Farmhouse (detail)
Women Helping Others by Jennifer Day (detail)
Milkweed and Hummingbirds by Sara Sharp
Milkweed and Hummingbirds (detail)
Milkweed and Hummingbirds (detail)
My favorite exhibit was the clever “What’s For Dinner” table. Each “place mat” was uniquely themed and several were 3-dimensional. So creative!
A few other favorites from the show that just say ‘Summertime!’ to me 🙂
Roses In The Window by Carol Morrissey
Two Tulips by Luella Morgenthaler    (Parrot tulips!)
Garden Floral by Marianne Williamson
Fish Scraps by Rahna Summerlin
Fish Scraps (detail)
Cutting Down The Tall Poppies by Helen Godden (detail)


p.s. I realize how very important it is to credit an artist for their work, and I feel badly that I am not able to identify the lovely quilt Kristen is standing in front of. If anyone can help me identify the quilt or artist I would love to give proper credit!