Card Party Challenge – The Reveal!

We’ve shuffled the deck, added new ‘cards’ to our party, and for two months held our hands close to our vests. Now it’s time to finally lay those hands down and show our cards quilts! For this challenge we drew for suits – Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and a Joker… and along the way even slipped in a wild card.

So let’s deal!


Cath Post is a new quilt artist to our group. She crafted a beautiful design and did her first free motion quilting ever on this quilt. It is fresh and modern!



Jean Shultz brings her humor, warmth, and years of sewing experience to our group and we happily welcome her. She reports that working within the constraints of a theme was a new experience that initially felt discordant to her creative process. I think she ‘aced’ it with her diamond stitched/diamond pieced quilt.

“Night Clubs” that is, in Candy’s clever take on her theme. The photo doesn’t do justice to the luminescent moon and the subtle sparkle of the clubs. Candy wants to give a shout out to her husband, Tom, for fixing a problem area by suggesting she put a rock over it. He cut it out and she did just that 🙂

Brenda went for a stark representation of the “death card”, with a thread sketched Grim Reaper on her ace of spades. She wants to emphasize that this is no reflection on her generally cheerful disposition and love of bright fabrics 🙂

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Every group has one and this time it’s me… literally! I made myself up, took some selfies (the Hubs had a good laugh over the outtakes) and had fun with photoshop. Layering fabrics gave me some problems I didn’t anticipate but it’s okay – next time I’ll know better.

Finding this card-themed fabric convinced Liz Jadczak, our wild card, to jump in. She made good use of her newly learned applique and blanket stitching skills. For the record, Liz says she’s won as many poker hands as she’s lost 😉
Well, that’s the end of this party. Two months from now we’ll do it all again -with class! – when we reveal the quilts from our next challenge theme: Classic Literature.

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