Call Me Crazy

I have a new puppy… and no real explanation for the chain of events that began with a solo trip north to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and ended with the aforementioned pup riding shotgun on the trip home. I had just left the fabric store (somehow a fabric store is always involved, isn’t it?!) and was directly headed for the highway home when I decided to pull into the parking lot of the Boarding & Grooming establishment that had Jackapoo puppies for sale.

“I wonder what a Jackapoo puppy looks like?” I thought to myself. Well, he and his brother looked nothing alike, but one glance at this little guy and I was in love. A quick phone call to the Hubs and we were a new family of three 🙂

So now, along with the housebreaking, I’m breaking Bodhi into the “Quilting Life”. His active mornings are followed by afternoon naps in the crate while I work at assorted projects. So far, so good!


Although it feels like I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace, my next challenge quilt is done (yay!) and progress is being made on my grandson’s ‘purple portrait’. In the pictures you can see that I’ve changed my mind on a few of the fabrics along the way, sometimes even more than once. This has been a tricky portrait, with the initial all purple theme quickly giving way to a purple/orange palette… and now the additional small bits of blue and green. I finally decided there are no rules – just guidelines 😉

Still quite a bit to do. The Hubs thinks he has a “zombie” look and I can’t have that!


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