Angel On My Shoulder

I’ve been working on a new small quilt and taking pictures of it in progress – documenting the method to my madness 🙂

I’m not using any new kind of technique, really, just finding my own style of working from a photograph and using fusible. Let me show you…

A vintage photo, purchased from an antique shop
Tracing basic value shapes and outlining with fine point black marker
Over a light source,  retracing onto freezer paper from the tissue paper
I also trace onto the muslin base. Fabric layers will cover the lines!
Once fabrics are chosen I apply fusible (Mistyfuse) to the backside.
Ironing the pattern onto the background fabric. I prefer scissors for cutting.
I build a quilt from the background forward. Here, after the background, the boy’s brown shirt came next. I tried two other fabrics before deciding to use the brown… and by ‘tried’ I don’t mean auditioned :-/  Hey, just because it’s fused doesn’t mean you can’t pull it (carefully) off and try again!
I like to layer fabrics and overlap edges. Sometimes I look at my scraps from cutting and feel inspired to add one here or there. Not everything is from the pattern!
You can also see I played with the idea of using blue in the skin tone, not as a color but as a value.
Later in the process I changed my mind 🙂
Do you see hair in those leaves and petals? I do!
Every bit of the hair is from the above fabric… oh, and yes, she’s an angel 🙂
Continuing to cut from the freezer paper pattern.
So this is as far as I’ve gotten 🙂   Soon, I’ll add finishing details to the faces with paint before progressing to the stitching. The completed quilt is slated to make it’s debut at The Grove Street Gallery this fall.
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