Ah, Youth!

Up until about a year and a half ago, I had taken on the role of nurse preceptor exactly once in 20 years. After that first experience, I decided I wasn’t cut out for the role. My personality traits, quirks really, are somewhat distinctive and well known at work. Organized or compulsive? Ah… tomayto, tomahto 😉

Anyway, in late 2012 our NICU had an influx of new nurses and the preceptor pool was apparently tapped out. Somehow, I got pressed into service… lucky me! I really mean that because I was partnered with a smart, energetic, compassionate young woman who made the job enjoyable. And Liz actually helped train me during that time as our hospital converted to computerized charting.

Now I’m happy to count Liz as a coworker, friend, and fellow quilter! She made her first appearance here on the blog back in June, 2013. Since that time Liz has continued to have fun with various sewing projects and is close to having completed her first two quilts. Best of all (I think!), is that she has agreed to give our quilt challenge group a try and is working on a quilt for the next reveal.

How glad am I that I took a second chance on being someone’s preceptor? Very 🙂

Liz and her “Hawaiian Quilt”
First quilt, made for a friend’s new baby