Winter Palette

Michigan can have a spare beauty in the winter time. The kind of beauty that requires pausing and really looking to see it. Here and there nature adds a stroke of color to what, at first glance, might seem bleak or drab. (though when the sun shines, it can be glorious 🙂


In my stack of UFOs I have two tops waiting to be quilted. Their color palettes are muted… not really my cup of tea. The first one I made after collecting all the blocks on a shop hop and the other started as a time filling project at a retreat. Even though they aren’t among my favorites, there are things to appreciate about each of them. Like the winter scape, if I pause to really look, there’s beauty to be found.

I wonder… when they’re finished and hanging on the wall or spread over a bed, and the sun shines on them just so… ?