Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Well, it’s finally here! Yesterday – ten months after submitting an article proposal to Quilting Arts Magazine – the finished product arrived in my mailbox. Candy gave me the heads up on Monday that her copy had arrived so I knew mine wasn’t far behind. And last night when I got home from work, there it was on the kitchen table, with a note from my husband:

Let me just say that that little post-it note is as much of a keeper as the magazine 🙂  Yes, I’m thrilled that my friends and I are in the magazine with all that exposure for our art, but am I famous? No… only in my husband’s mind! I AM gratified that he’s proud. I feel blessed to have a husband who, although his hobbies run to hunting and the outdoors, happily supports me in my creative life.
So now I’m off to the store to buy a couple of extra copies. Natalie will get one to keep with her portrait quilt, of course. I like to think that years from now she’ll view the magazine and quilt as a little legacy from her Grandma, a loving token to pass on to her own daughter or granddaughter. That gives me a lot of satisfaction.
Family love and legacy, a proud husband, quiet satisfaction… these are my rewards 🙂
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