Twists and Turns

In my last post I pulled out some rather drab colored quilt tops. Now, for kicks and contrast, here are a couple of pastel efforts. Similarly, these are not among my favorites, but instead rate a place on my ever growing “learning curve.”


Everyone has seen or made a “Little Twister” quilt… simple, right? Somehow the basic layout strategy of it eludes me. I meant to make gentle undulating waves of color and instead ended up with columns. A second attempt also went bust. The fabric is pretty though 🙂

Quite a long time ago I fell in love with this soft baby bird print. I bought it, repeatedly admired it over a span of years and then decided to actually make something with it. Why oh WHY did I think cutting it up into STRIPS and overwhelming it with a bright blue in this PINWHEEL pattern was a good idea? Enough said.

On to better and brighter!   Warning – Candy and Brenda, this means you – mini spoiler alert! I had a great time in the sewing room yesterday making good progress on my “One Color” challenge quilt. With only one color, the value scale becomes very important. A Ruby Beholder is a great tool when working with color values. A piece of red cellophane paper works well too.

                                     I was going to show more but thought better of it 😉   Can’t spoil the reveal!