Three Color Quilt Challenge – The Reveal!



Some Kind Of Crazy! …. hmm, is that describing the quilt, the quilt maker, or both? I’ll leave that for you to decide 😉

I wanted to attempt crazy quilting on this 3 color challenge. Attempt #1 was past the halfway mark when I knew I had to scrap it. That quilt had issues, trust me! I grieved a little over some of the luxe fabrics I had to let go… but just a little, which surprised me. I had a better idea with a clearer vision of how to accomplish it, so I started over. It worked!

A basting spray was used to attach backing, batting and a top fabric layer together. Then I used the spray to position one full row of squares at a time, quilting around the squares and through all the layers with some of the decorative stitches programmed into my sewing machine. I continued this way until all the rows were quilted and then embellished with assorted beads.

The edge is simply zig-zag stitched, going around twice for good coverage.

I consider the figure to be a sort of self-portrait, although she looks nothing like me. It’s an attitude thing 😉

I had to show the back of this quilt. It’s the cleanest one I’ve ever done!



Brenda went for a black, white and red palette. She enjoyed playing with half square triangle designs and used only fabrics from her stash… a win-win situation! Brenda could have given herself a bye on this challenge, as she has been busily quilting table covers for her son’s wedding (this week!), but she gamely stepped up with simple but effective 3 color quilt 🙂



Candy’s quilt comes from an unusual inspiration source. She explains,

Walking into work I would pass a broken piece of sidewalk, broken kind of like the quilt. That would  bring to mind a movie from my childhood that had scared the living daylight out of me – “Invaders from Mars”! In the movie Martians had landed underground and they sucked people down into their space craft for their nefarious deeds. 

So one morning as I passed that certain piece of sidewalk I mused “wouldn’t it be great if this broken sidewalk could open up into a glorious, warm, vibrant reality… instead of the grey, fearful one that says an unknown alien is going to get me?! 

I chose to make my own quilt reality, making the cracks in my quilt vibrant with red and orange cotton and silk. Inserted into the crack are some of my favorite words that I use to make my own life more warm, vibrant and meaningful.

I love a quilt that invites you in for a closer look and then surprises you with details and flourishes only apparent with that closer scrutiny. The longer you look, the more you see! In Candy’s quilt, the red crevice is constructed as a series of pockets, some containing paper messages, some not. Each paper is unique in size, embellishment and message. Among the words offered: courage, kindness, mirth, curiosity, and compassion.
Again, to my thinking, it’s something of a self-portrait… as I mentioned, it’s an attitude thing 🙂