Thanks, But I’ll Take The Lead!

There are times when my husband and I are dancing that he’ll ask “Am I leading or are you?” I assure you that he’s not  1) confused, 2) scolding, or 3) looking for direction. What he means is that he’s less sure of his dance skills than mine – and he’s willing to turn the lead over to me if I want it 🙂

In this latest quilt challenge, titled Movement, I decided to let the fabric lead the way. Boy did it take me on a spin! Before I knew it I was caught up in some wavy, wiggly, moving mess. I wrestled with thoughts of how to keep going because I only have so much challenge fabric and I had already cut up and fused a lot of it.

It was a good start…                                                                               …that went wrong!

I had to leave it alone for a week just to get some perspective. During that time I remembered a sketch from last year when I was doodling just to get ideas… and then when Candy informed me that she was nearly done with her quilt I headed back to the design table.

With some tweaking to fit our challenge dimensions and other unifying factors I think I’ll like this much better. It’s bold and graphic and I know I can get it to move – it’s moving me more than the other one anyway!
So thank you fabric for the first dance… I’ll take the lead back now 🙂