One Color Quilt Challenge – The Reveal!

What better way to warm up on a chilly winter day than to get together with friends for a delicious lunch and some quilt inspiration? After working on our quilts for the past eight weeks the time has arrived for our “One Color Challenge” reveal!

I titled this quilt “Natalie On A Blue Day”. I knew I wanted to create a portrait and initially intended to make a self-portrait. However, this photo of my granddaughter seemed well suited to the idea of a “blue mood” piece. She is ever so loving and sweet… until those moments when she’s not 😦
I revisited the fusible technique I learned from Lenore Crawford and which I had previously tried with the “Beauty” challenge. The technique relies on identifying value differences and choosing fabrics accordingly, so the idea of using just one color isn’t such a severe limitation. Creating the image was fun! Quilting it was a little nerve wracking though, since I didn’t want to mess up the areas I already really liked.
Things I learned with this challenge:
1. Use white fusible (not black) with light colored fabric. I know – elementary – (hand smacking head).
2. Use care when abutting fabrics. Quilting adds dimension and pulls edges away from each other 😦
3. If I don’t point out the mistakes probably most of them will go unnoticed 🙂
Brenda had her first experience of having a good idea that just wasn’t working out. (Candy and I… yep, been there!) Her cool white snowflakes morphed into a hot red heart, appropriate for this Valentine’s Day month. Brenda also has love in the air at home, where she is working on quilted table covers for her son’s upcoming wedding reception. So busy!
Tone on tone fabrics, embellishments and beautiful stitching accentuate her crazy quilt motif.
From cool to hot to cool again with Candy’s embellished silk quilt. Design elements are die cut from silk fabric stiffened with modge podge. Glitter, tight quilting, and exquisite beading give the piece a luxe look, but Candy says she kept hearing Project Runway’s Tim Gunn in her ear, “Hmm… I don’t know, is it too crafty?”
We all have that inner “Tim” voice, don’t we?
The trick can be to find and heed our own voice, no easy task that.
These challenges are a fun tool and as we move forward we’re looking to find those ideas and projects that bring us together while still inspiring our own unique voices.
Next up – the “Two Color Quilt Challenge”. The concept might seem simple but I challenge you… try it! Email me a picture of your quilt and I’ll put it up on the blog. (
Ready, set, go… 🙂