Love These Quilts!

I’m back from the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati and wanting to show you some of my favorites from the show. So much talent was on display. Take a look 🙂

Evening Garden (detail) by Marianne Williamson


Blowing In The Wind (detail) by Marianne Williamson
Winter Sunset (detail) by Mary Ann Van Soest


Tulips by Charlotte Hickman


Catena (detail) by Timna Tarr


Botswana’s Beautiful Bird (detail) by Barbara McKie


Trajectory (detail) by Megan Dye


Purple by Anna Maria Schipper-Vermeiren


Circus Stars (detail) by Teresa Justice


Fractures (detail) by Gabrielle Paquin


Captain Kimo by Nancy Sterett Martin and Karen Sistek


Captain Kimo (detail)
Captain Kimo (detail)


The Leprechaun’s Tree (detail) by Robin M. Haller


In The Desert (detail) by Sheila Frampton-Cooper


Black and White by Eti David


Keeping Up With The Dow Jones by Paula Kovarik


Limestone Country by Joan Hershey


Windswept (detail) by Betty Busby


Hula Hibiscus (center detail) by Lisa Calle


Ethereum Botanica: Bromeliads by Deborah Beatty