I’m Not Going To Buy ANY More Fabric…

I have been known to say this but don’t anyone believe it 😉  Fabric is the fuel to my quilting fire, the fix for my addiction, the spark to inspiration!

Last week I spent four days in Grand Rapids at the AQS Quilt Show and to quote David Taylor, quilt artist extrordinaire and a class instructor, “I like to look at my fabric, I like to pet my fabric… on a bad day I clear the shelves because I know I’ll feel better after I reorganize my fabric!”

So even though I told myself I didn’t need and wasn’t going to buy any more material – uh huh, I did 🙂  I’ve been planning out some color schemes for a new quilt series and decided to just go ahead and augment the stash. These are my “paints” after all, tools of the trade!

Developing color palettes for a new series… requires more fabric!
Learning to posterize, enlarge, and tile print


I want to share a few photos from two classes I took. Karen Stone‘s class focused on using small details to add interest to quilts.

A close-up of Karen Stone’s beautiful quilt
Working on reverse applique, bobbin quilting, and embellishing

In the afternoon Judy Woodruff showed examples of her fantastic machine quilting and had us all trying to learn some of the simpler designs. Umm, that will take a lot more practice!

Next post I’ll share some of my favorite quilts from the show 🙂