Hodge Podge

Last week I finished up my 3 color challenge quilt by trying out a flower stamp on the label. I’ve tried stamping with paint on fabric before and, no surprise here, found myself on the learning curve. Anyway, I figured the label goes on the back, so no big deal.  (I’ve already shown you what my quilt backs look like 😉

Again, it wasn’t entirely successful but that’s okay… I like the little bit of texture and it is a shimmery gold daisy, after all.

Then I packed up my sewing machine with assorted projects and hit the road for Houghton Lake. 
I’m spending time with my Dad while he recovers from some recent health issues. His dining room is my new temporary sewing room. The lighting is great and just outside the door are ducklings, hummingbirds, and bunnies to keep me amused.
One of my projects had me in my Dad’s pole barn, at his work table. I took one look and had these three thoughts:

1.  That bead organizing compulsion?… yeah, I think it’s evident where that trait comes from!

2.  He has to have been collecting peanut butter jars since I was a kid.   (I asked, he has!)

3.  Whoa!  Then Jif hasn’t changed their packaging in a LONG time 🙂

I’d need a panorama shot to include all the jars. You get the idea, though 😉
                                                                                                                                  And so it goes…….