Creative Energy!



I have been creative lately, just a different kind of creative. I’m working on a family portrait project for a friend and also trying out ideas for money saving wedding decorations. So fun! I’m creative in bursts, which energizes other areas of my life, but it’s always been my experience that, like time, creative energy and focus have limitations.

Basically, I’m just not the best multi-tasker!
So instead of quilting I’ve been enjoying sitting again at the easel, watching as faces come to life under my pencil.
I’m listening to Amy Grant’s “Hymns and Legacies” while thinking of the special family whose portrait I’ve been entrusted to draw.
Music, art, solitude… moments of bliss, this.

Then I’m cutting tissue paper and tulle to shape into flowers, spray painting paper rosettes with glitter and anticipating my daughter’s opinion. Hopefully favorable!

Soft and romantic
Sparkly wall decorations


Five attempts before I got the perfect flower!

Yes, quilting time has been limited but fear not! International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati starts tomorrow. This year it’s a road trip there with Candy and Jill. Fun is sure to be had, inspiration found, and creative energy replenished. I’m ready!