Bean Bag Bonanza

I know I just posted yesterday and I’m generally not a blogging over-achiever, but today in the RNICU we were up to some blog worthy fun… making bean bags.  LOTS of little bean bags.


Liz and Candy.

We use these bags as developmental aids, to help with infant positioning. Babies do like to be nested! (wait… babies, birds, nests – I may be carrying over a theme 😉

Liz, Candy, Brenda, and Michelle… the sewing table 🙂
Jessica, on cutting duty
Erin, filling a bag with beads
Theresa, Sarah, Calvin, and Jessica… the cutting and bag filling table
Respiratory therapist Theresa, on her break
Sarah, stacking ’em up!
Michelle getting her son, Calvin, in on the work fun 🙂
Thanks, Joyce, for making a bean run when our 50# supply ran out!
To the washing machine and then ready for our babies to snuggle with 🙂