All For One And One For All

Our small quilt challenge group is ready for a new adventure in design 🙂  Brenda, Candy, Jill and I have decided to tackle a variation of the group project idea: each of us making an individually designed quilt but with the intention of all four quilts being displayed as one unit. So how to go about it?

Driving home from the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati last April we brainstormed for ideas. A side trip to a wonderful fabric store really got our creative juices flowing when we found some interesting (read: challenging!) fabric options.

Jill and Candy selecting fabric for our newest challenge at The Doormouse in Ohio.
Inspiration is up on the design wall!
Here are our guidelines:
*  The theme – MOVEMENT!
*  Each finished quilt will measure 12″ x 24″.
*  Unity will be achieved through fabric (we each have 1/4 yd of three different fabrics), and through          design elements (circles, squares, triangles and coordinated seam/break lines along the edges).


Fabric swatch #2
Fabric swatch #1


Fabric swatch #3


Candy’s sketch… our jumping off point!


Candy had a sketchbook of ideas and the clearest vision so we decided to start there. After an initial meeting, each of us is now working independently and is free to use other materials, in addition to the unity fabrics, as well as any techniques or embellishments that might strike our fancy. We plan to meet once or twice while “in progress” to encourage and inspire each other.  Here we go!

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