A Week In My Quilting Life

Last weekend Brenda, Candy and I had our postponed and long awaited meeting with Lynn Krawczyk, who’s writing the article about us for Quilting Arts Magazine. Lynn says it was the first time she’s had the opportunity to actually meet with a group she is profiling. We were a little nervous… it’s hard to give someone a sense of who you are and what you’re about in one hour – over drinks!

Lynn was gracious…  we might have been a little weird 🙂

Candy, Lynn, Brenda, and Ellen

Days later I decided that I should move the art supplies I have in an upstairs “painting room” to my basement sewing studio, thereby freeing the first room to be the bedroom it was meant to be. This has become important as we plan to host wedding guests in a few months. (Yes, I know I said months, but believe me there’s a lot to do!) Consolidating quickly turned into a “it’s going to look worse before it looks better” situation.

I’ll keep working on it.

Adding a drafting table, file cabinet, rolling supply table, etc… It’s getting crowded in here!
Finally, I did spend some time working up an idea for our group challenge quilt, Movement. The fabric is totally leading the way for me on this one. I started by cutting out all the blue designs from the multi-colored crazy print. I randomly stuck them onto the blue & white fabric and liked the effect! So then I more purposefully placed the design elements and got the composition on the left. One problem – I had to tighten it up to fit our 12″x 24″ requirement. That led to the composition on the right.

It’s making me think of an abstracted koi pond 🙂

Now to fit in the coral batik…
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