Unfinished Business

 …or in the quilting world also affectionately known as UFOs. We all have them. In fact, they pretty much go hand in hand with a stash of any size. A couple of years ago I enjoyed a week-end quilting retreat where they gave a prize to the person with the most UFOs … and yes, I’m still wearing that crown! Below is just a sampling from my backlog of unfinished projects.

This quilt has been a work in progress for 4(?) years now. I started it at a workshop taught by a lovely teacher,  Gyleen Fitzgerald. My quilting friends Brenda, Candy, and Jill were also along for the fun and as NICU employees we couldn’t help but call these our “biohazard” quilts.

The hold up here is that I am HAND quilting the border and inside each hexagon. Why? Simply because I don’t know how else to obtain smooth curves and nicely rounded feathers. My free motion quilting is not even close to good enough for the (sometimes) perfectionist in me.

(By the way, Kristen is under the delusion that she might still receive this quilt for Christmas!)


These two quilts are currently up on the design walls. I am completely enthralled with the effects achieved using ideas from Maxine Rosenthal in her book “One-Block Wonders”.  This has been so much fun that I have a stack of fabrics designated to playing with this idea several more times.

And finally, here she is…my oldest unfinished project. This is a watercolor painting I started several years ago, just before getting the quilting bug. I KNOW she is meant to be an art quilt! I’m eyeing the stash now and picking fabrics to bring her to life. I think it’s her time.

Happy Spring!