Thinking Big, Starting Small

I am an artist. I think of myself as an artist…it is an important part of my identity. Most recently I have set my sights on being a quilt artist, reveling in the color, texture, and design possibilities of fabric. (And I have a lot of fabric!). However, I must freely admit to being more of a procrastinator than a producer. The reasons for this are varied and common:
  • Life is so distracting. I work for a living and have a family, pets and home to care for. HELLO! Is there ever even enough time in the day for all that?
  • I’m a collector. (As referenced above, I have a lot of fabric!). What’s more fun than adding to the stash?
  • I’m slow. I’d like to say I’m a perfectionist but I’m not. I do like to be (compulsively) neat and orderly, which certainly satisfies on some level, but not the creative soul. When I do get going I’m just not fast about it.
So what to do? Why, create a blog of course!