The “Steel” Reveal!

It’s time to show off the results of our latest quilt challenge. The theme this time around was “Steel” and   boy, did we have a good time at the reveal get together! You can’t go wrong with good holiday cheer, good food, and good company 🙂  Brenda added to the fun by bringing along a “naughty” quilt she made as a gift for a friend and her risque applique was a hit. In the interest of remaining family friendly however, I’ll have to leave that quilt to your imagination… but I can show you the challenge quilts!
The inspiration for my quilt came while we were in Grand Rapids for the AQS Quilt show. We had already decided on our next couple of challenge themes and I had no ideas for steel. Then I started noticing all the door handles and steel locks everywhere we went. I took some photos and knew for sure I had my inspiration when I saw the beautiful patina on an old rusted lock down by the river. Some photo transfer, fusing, thread play, embellishment… and there you have it!

Candy says she had a very difficult time summoning the inspiration for our latest challenge. For every idea that popped into her mind she found she lacked the skill to bring it to life. So in the end she opted for the color steel and a paper pieced grid, steel-like pattern. Her materials were cotton fabric with steel washers.


Brenda’s inspiration came quickly – who else but the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Applique, fun fabrics… but the real fun came when she revealed the back of her quilt, complete with red cape 🙂  Who doesn’t love a quilt with a twist?! Mission accomplished, Brenda! (with both quilts 😉
So now we’re on to a new year and a new challenge. We’ve decided to see what we can do when we limit ourselves to designing a quilt using just one color. “The One Color Challenge”… to be revealed in February 2013.
                                                     Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!