“Teeny Tiny” Quilts Revealed!

Brenda, Allison, Jill, Ellen and Candy

We’re back from Grand Rapids, my quilting amigos and I, and what a good time we had. We enjoyed all the quilts on display, learned new things in our classes, shopped too much, ate too much good food, drank assorted beverages, and dropped in on the outdoor Swing Dance Party (Tues.) and Polish Festival (Fri.).

We also got together for our latest “T” For Three Challenge quilt reveal. The theme this time was “Teeny Tiny” and as always our only requirement is that the finished quilt measure 12″x 12″.  After that, anything goes!

This is my quilt that I began with the idea of sewing a small grid that could be embellished with seed bead “T”s and then finished by tying the quilt sandwich together. I was going to be clever and call the quilt “TeeMe TieMe”… right?!  However, I was sewing with metallic thread on silk and having all kinds of problems. Hmmm…

To the stash I went where I found this somewhat ugly tan fabric. I decided to use it because it already had closely spaced fine stripes on it that could be taken advantage of for the grid. (I’m not above that 😉
Then, on the spur of the moment I googled baby images –  because I take care of premies, after all, and they’re teeny tiny. I found the image of these babies that seemed to be falling from heaven and loved it. That was the end of my quest to be clever!
The image was transferred onto my fabric and then painted. Beaded embellishments were added and I used metallic thread to cross stitch a cross shape, topped by a quilted heart with the word “love” in it. (remember, these babies are coming from heaven 🙂

Silk cording was sewn to the outside edge and a beaded tassel completed the quilt!




Brenda Koepf

Brenda is the newest member of our quilting challenge. She is an amazingly prolific sewer who recently took up long arm quilting.

She loves bright prints and crazy quilts.


I spy with my little eye…

Brenda used paper piecing to create her teeny tiny design in a crazy quilt style and of course used her signature bright fabrics!

                                                                                   Candy Winiarski
The teeniest tiniest things in my life are the premature infants I have cared for my entire nursing career. Brenda, Ellen and I have cared for many 23-24 week gestation babies that often weigh just one to one and a half pounds. My quilt represents a bit of the high tech world of a NICU. Metallic silver equipment, tops of medication vials, IV tubing and often the blood transfusions that flow through that tubing. What holds it all together is the torturous path that parents, preemies and medical team must travel before those preemies are well enough to go home.


Painted cotton, paper, plastic medication vial tops, plastic tubing, seed beads and felt.


There you have it! On to our next challenge theme ……………………….. BEAUTY!