“T” For Two

Recently Quilting Arts Magazine did a feature article on Twelve By Twelve, the International Art Quilt Challenge Group. Twelve women, four years, new challenge themes every few months = a collaborative effort that resulted in an impressive exhibit and published book. (I was lucky enough to see their work in Cincinnati last week).

Well, fellow nurse and quilter Candy Winiarski and I read that article and decided to try a challenge ourselves, just the two of us. We picked “City” as our first theme and then thought why not call our challenge “T” for Two and have each theme have the “tee” sound in it. So we did (yep, we’re like that). We’ve been working on our 12×12 quilts for two months and yesterday was the big reveal. Take a look  🙂

Spring in the City
This was my quilt, from a photo I took and printed on fabric. I painted on the image, pieced the borders, and quilted it. Kind of simple but I was fairly happy with the result. Mostly I was glad to use my fabric paint for the first time, try out my new stitch regulator, and have a finished project!
Candy with her quilt



Candy’s thoughts: My quilt, titled Jericho, developed out of my interest in archaeology and my deep dislike of the deity depicted in the bible. When Ellen and I discussed “cities” as the theme for our first 12 x 12 quilt I immediately thought of Jericho because it’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and once Jericho popped into my mind the bible story of how the “wall came tumbling down” wasn’t far behind. 

The quilt block, titled Wall of Jericho, pattern found on the internet, is paper pieced. The outline of the wall of ancient Jericho is covered with shell beads. Verses from the Book of Joshua (OT) are printed onto handmade bark paper then covered with embossed copper foil. Working on this project was so much fun. My mind is already racing with ideas for our next 12 x 12 challenge.

The theme for our next challenge:  TEAL              hmmm … I’m thinking …