“T” For Two Challenge – Teal Reveal

Teal…aqua…turquoise…a rose by any other name, right?

Candy and I are in agreement, we know what color teal is but that’s not quite what we ended up with. No matter! The art is the thing after all. So today, over some delicious chicken salad sandwiches in an eclectic teahouse, we discussed emerging styles, future themes, and assorted insights. Then came the fun of revealing our quilts, in the second of our “T” For Two challenges.

                                                     First, from my friend Candy Winiarski:

“I titled my challenge piece “Teal or Not”. It’s Not what I first set out to create and it’s Not really all that teal. I wanted to work with images of Teal Duck feathers but every sketch I did was just too phallic; not the look I was going for. I took a break from phallic feathers to watch “Rebel Quilting” by Jamie Fingal. I was intrigued by her use of zippers. My zipper meditation lead to thoughts of notions and trims and how cool it would be to have a bland outer layer covering up all sorts of teal dazzle. The war of teal vs turquoise then began until I said ENOUGH. Teal, turquoise who cares. Just have fun. 

Cotton, iridescent polyester chiffon, purchased trims, buttons and beads.”

If I may add my comments, I love the juxtaposition of the stark exterior that opens to reveal a rich and dazzling interior. The embellishments are unique and beautifully done, inviting us all in for a closer look. (and I’m sure I see a teal stripe or two in there 🙂  Love it!



Inspiration for my quilt came from our recent Florida beach vacation. I used an aqua silk fabric that I paired with a two-toned shimmering copper silk that looked teal okay, aqua, when shifted and turned. I knew I wanted to try embellishments this time and some seashells I had collected on the trip seemed just right. My aim was a simple graphic design that would read as calm, clear, cool and warm. The text along the side was free motion quilted and the layers bound together with zig zag edge stitching. I like the light and delicate look of the piece 🙂



With this quilt a lot of the fun was in the details. That’s probably a good thing because with our next theme I anticipate plenty of detail work. Stay tuned for the August reveal of…

    “Teeny Tiny!”