“T” For Three Challenge – Beauty


The logistics of coming together for our quilt reveal this time were a little daunting. October is a busy month for all of us in the NICU, with a high census (= on call/overtime) and mandatory computer training taking up time on our days off. How to find a way to get together?!

The solution was an after work gathering at the Soup Spoon Cafe. Along for the fun was our friend and colleague Martha, who made a start on her first ever art quilt (!), but ultimately and understandably had to prioritize her time to her Bachelor’s degree studies. And actually, Martha wasn’t the only one who had trouble finishing her quilt on time. I brought mine to the reveal but it wasn’t quite done – oops. No worries, I finished it a couple of days later and here it is 🙂

This quilt is done from a photo I took in my garden. Nature is where I find true beauty… the kind that makes me pause and feel thankful for having been a witness to it.This rose is a bloom from a bush planted in memory of my sister Karen, who passed away from breast cancer in 2008. It reminds me of my sister’s beauty, her indomitable spirit and warm heart. She was a special person and it makes me happy to remember her this pink October 🙂


True Beauty – detail



Guesses, anyone?

“When my son was in college, studying organic chemistry, he would fill page after page with chemical reactions. I thought those pages beautiful and elegant.

So the Periodic Table of Elements was on my mind as I pondered what to do with our theme of “Beauty”. That beautifully organized chart with all those colorful squares just called out to be made into a quilt.

The elements of life – the basis of all beauty.”

Candy Winiarski


Silk, metallic thread, crystals – detail
Brenda Koepf’s inspiration struck when we announced the “Beauty” theme and she immediately thought of this well known phrase. The beauty her eye beholds are the faces of her family and loved ones. Brenda used paper piecing and thread play to create a quilt her husband thinks is interesting. We think it is wonderful 🙂
It’s gratifying to see the body of work our ongoing quilt challenge is generating. With each succeeding theme our voices and artistry are becoming more apparent. We look forward to the possibility of others joining along by extending an open invitation to anyone who might want to participate in our next challenge theme:
                                                                                                STEEL (Steal)Watch for the reveal in December…  🙂