Seeing The Past In My Future

When I was young I loved to look through my grandmothers’ albums and boxes of old family photos. It was  fun to see pictures of my parents, aunts, uncles and even my grandparents as little children. In later years many of those photos became my own cherished keepsakes and I once based a painting on a tiny black and white snapshot (circa 1922) of my Grandma Parkhurst.

Jean Marsh Parkhurst

Among the family archives I inherited were two particular photographs that always gave me pause … my imagination was sparked by these little girls. Over the years, because of these very two pictures, I have collected dozens of antique photographs of children knowing that something creative could be done with them. Epiphany! Aha moment! I think I hear that voice starting to sing 🙂

My Grandmothers – Arlene Jewett Eriksen and Jean Marsh Parkhust with her older sister Evelyn

So starting to play a little… photoshopped and printed out two pictures onto fabric. Painted on them (of course!) and then for some real fun added colored pencils into the mix. I anticipate continued layering of paint, pencil and thread until I’m satisfied with the result and then I’m going to keep going to see what comes from it.

photos from my collection


Maybe nothing will … but maybe SOMETHING will! I can’t wait to find out 🙂