Reorganized, Redecorated, Revamped

Well, long story short, this week my sewing machine broke down (fixable) and I semi-impulsively got a new one. I had been thinking about it for awhile and, well, there I was in the shop, surrounded by all those beautiful machines, with all their fancy bells and whistles and… I’m only so strong! (Did I mention yet how wonderful my husband is, especially when it comes to this hobby/obsession of mine?)

Then I couldn’t put that shiny new cadillac on the little table my other machine sits on so I started rearranging and reorganizing and redecorating… and basically having a good ole time. I was able to set up two sewing stations – very handy for when Kristen and I are both working together on our Sunshine Daisy Designs sundresses project.




We got right to work, making a couple of sundresses from commercial patterns in order to brush up on our rusty clothes sewing skills. The Hubs says we both need to keep our day jobs because we’re kinda slow – but it’s all about having fun and making plans right now 🙂  I’ll keep enjoying the journey… and pick up a few more on-call days at work!