This last day of 2012 has me in an introspective mood. With nearly a year of blogging now under my belt I’m pausing to reflect on my progress through the year… quilting and otherwise 🙂


Always at the top of my priority list. Like all families mine has shared challenges, successes, joys, losses, and griefs. I love my family dearly, each one, be they near or far, close or distant. These are the people whose lives have impacted and shaped mine, and me theirs. We are forever connected.


The treasures we collect on our journey through life. I’m generally an introverted type so my friendships sometimes take years to develop. The ones I have are wonderful and true, stand the test of time, and enrich me with their gifts of shared laughter and tears. I do not take any of you for granted.


I came to my profession by a circuitous route, becoming a nurse at the advanced age of thirty-four. My job is exhausting, stressful, challenging and wearing. It is also satisfying, often heart-warming, and well paying 🙂  I’m grateful to be employed, fortunate to work with babies, and count my coworkers as friends… special people all.


That’s what my quilting is to me… and even blogging, in it’s own way. It’s the act of creating. I’m not sure I’ve been any more productive this year but I have been more focused. And with focus came an increased self-awareness that brought me growth. The quilt challenges with Candy and Brenda have given me a reason to stretch and reach beyond my abilities, but maybe even more than the actual creating, I found enjoyment in the sharing of the creations.

Working with my daughter, this past year, to develop an idea into an entrepreneurial enterprise was fun and invigorating, but ultimately too much for either of us to add to our busy lives. To everything there is a season…


The bedrock of who I am. I’m thankful for God who loves all of us, and each of us. My beliefs bring me tremendous confidence and peace. Truly, LOVE is always the answer.