Putting It All Together

When I take a class I love it when the instructor opens up and shares from her own personal experiences in the quilting world. I like hearing about how she works, where she works, what works…and often, quite humorously, what doesn’t work.
This week I’ve had some fun trying out a couple of new techniques I recently learned in Lenore Crawford’s class on fusing fabric to create art quilts. Here, the flower shapes were fused onto the background. Since this quilt is in the modern style and my aim was for a minimalist design, I utilized another great tip from Melody Johnson. I sewed completely around the quilt – top and back, right sides together and batting included –  before turning it inside out through a slit cut in the backing fabric. The slit disappears when pressed (fusible!) and will be under the hanging sleeve anyway. Sleek and simple, no borders, no binding, no fuss 🙂
Then (best tip of all)  Mistyfuse was placed between each layer of the quilt sandwich and after careful ironing, no other basting required!
As I’m about to move on to the quilting – something graphic and dynamic – I think I could get used to this style and these techniques. Easy peasy!