When I was a little girl I had one of those toy-type sewing machines that only sewed a chain stitch. After learning some basic sewing skills in 7th grade Home Ec class (remember those?) I tried my darndest to make t-shirts with that toy machine. My mom, a fun loving former tomboy and definitely not into sewing, watched my efforts as I got more determined with each unraveled or ripped out seam. Her comment? “You sure have a lot of patience. I couldn’t do that.” I felt proud to be told I was patient but also heard an unspoken message that said “we sure are different from each other.”

I was too young then to realize how okay it is to be different.

Many years later, I sat across from my mom in her living room, working on some hand quilting while she watched television. I looked up to see her staring intently at me. Her comment? “Well, I guess that’s fun?!” We laughed about it. Different women, different interests, different times… but always the love in common.

One of my life’s lessons.